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Delivery None
City Antalya
Location Alanya
District Alanya
Neighborhood Tepe Mah
M2 0 m² - 0 m²


Paradise villas in the heart of Alanya
We offer you a luxury class project in the center of bright and warm Alanya.
A certain hill, like royal castles, our maroon snowy villas shine.
This is literally the embodiment of the word.
Elegant chic, modern architecture and stylish eco-minimalism in design.
just imagine
the white lines on the facades seem to write the history of eastern happiness. patterns on
walls and railings,

It is a kind of white tulip that is the symbol of Turkish elegance. sapphire water
sparkles in pools...
And you can enjoy the ice-cold cooling in summer evenings.
lemonade on your private terrace!

Project start – 10.08.2022
Project end – 10.08.2023

Villas are a serious investment in the future...
The common area of ​​the villas is 1394m2.
There will be 3 separate villas...
Own area – 282m2.
Layout of villas,
Connected to each other
It will include 1 living room.
American kitchen,
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms.
Layout form:
⁃ 1 American style living room connected to the kitchen
⁃ 4 bedrooms
⁃ 3 bathrooms
Each villa will have:
⁃ Swimming pool with automatic awning and heating system
⁃ Lounge with sun loungers
⁃ green garden
⁃ Terrace
⁃ Separate security cameras
⁃ External LED lighting
- Lift
- Garage

If you are buying a villa under construction, you can discuss the layout and design in detail.
and make changes to your liking.
Another option is to use a ready made showroom by us.
A company where everything is already thought out to the smallest detail.
In addition, villa owners can use their own infrastructure, which will be equipped in each villa.
ground floor villa:
⁃ gym
⁃ sauna
⁃ bath
⁃ elevator
⁃ video surveillance system
⁃ WiFi
⁃ central satellite system

And 5 more reasons to buy:

1.Villas are located in the heart of picturesque Alanya.
You will feel like in heaven.
Because it is a unique combination of magnificence
Mediterranean and majestic Taurus Mountain views and vast
the view stretches from Cleopatra Beach to Gazipaşa.
Alanya gives you 300 days of sun,
An endless stream of vitamin D and happiness!
2. The luxury and unique design of the villas is a world that will make you feel like the king of the world.
Go to the sauna, swim in your own pool and then have a cup of Turkish coffee.
On the terrace - Great!
3. During the construction, high quality materials will be used to prioritize comfort and convenience.
Security for many years. Provided Systems
"Smart House"
Sound system
4. Panoramic view of the deep blue sea, the whole city and the pride of Alanya
Castle castle.

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