New rules for obtaining a residence Permit (information according to the information of the Turkish Migration Agency Göç Idaresi Genel Müdürlüğü, which entered into force on May 18, 2015)

A new application for a residence Permit (ikamet) in the form of a rendezvous system through the Internet portal has been developed for all provinces of Turkey Through this website, it is possible to issue a primary residence permit, as well as a second one (if you have already issued a residence permit). In any case, the submission of documents must be BEFORE the END of your stay in Turkey, either on a tourist visa, or before the expiration of the previous residence permit. After visiting the website, you need to fill in all the fields specified in the questionnaire, carefully check that all the data match your passport and other documents. After all the data in the questionnaire is filled in, the computer system gives you an electronic rendezvous, where the date, exact time, questionnaire number, as well as a list of all necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit will be indicated. It is very important that before the date of your rendezvous, your stay in Turkey is considered legal, but you cannot leave the country.

To fill out your questionnaire on the website, prepare a biometric photo in advance, which you need to upload to a USB flash drive. The photo must be taken no later than 6 months before submitting the documents, on a white background, with an open face. It is necessary to provide the means of communication valid at the time of filling out the questionnaire - an email address and a mobile phone number. Any information concerning your residence permit will be sent in the form of messages to your mobile phone or to your email, so be sure to check for letters from the Migration Service (letters with the address , any others are not official messages)

After the system gives you the date and time of the visit to the Migration Service, you must remember that attendance is mandatory at the specified time, or your rendezvous will be invalid. When the system has uploaded your data, you will no longer be able to change the date and time of the rendezvous. The start date of your new residence permit will be considered the end date of the tourist visa or your previous residence permit. The passport of a citizen of a foreign state must be valid for at least 60 days before the deadline for submitting documents. A birth certificate must be provided for the child. On the appointed day, you must come to the Migration Service office in person, if your proxy or your representative is with you, he must have the appropriate document.

If you have not provided all the necessary documents, you have the opportunity to bring the missing papers to the Migration Service office within 30 days. In the event that these documents have not been submitted, the entire process is canceled and considered invalid. In the event that you have been refused a residence permit, you can stay in Turkey only until the end of the visa or the previous residence permit.

The necessary documents that must be provided to obtain a residence permit based on the purchase of real estate in Turkey Certificate of ownership of real estate (TAPU)

- Certificate of ownership of real estate (TAPU) - original and copy

- A certificate from the Cadastral Office that you have been issued a TAPU

-A foreign passport is an original and a copy of the first page with a photo and a page with a stamp on the date of entry.

-The tax number that is obtained from the Tax Inspectorate

-Medical insurance valid for a year, the cost of which depends on the company issuing the insurance and on the age.


Residence permit fees in Turkey (2022)


Residence permit card fee: 160,00 TL


Residence permit fee: 1040 TL


Health Insurance fees: 500 TL – 1,750 TL (Varies depending on the age of the foreigner) It is compulsory for foreigners under 65.


Notary and Translation fee: 450 TL (Maximum)