Due to our years of experience in the real estate market and especially with the bureaucratic process of a real estate purchase in Turkey, you have found the right partner. We will help you to find not only your dream home, but we also ensure the smooth completion with all authorities.

With our wide selection of our property offers, we are sure to find the right apartment or villa for you. All our buildings have been carefully checked. All our objects were selected by us and only properties which could stand our rigorous review will go on sale.

We would be glad to present our properties to you during your inspection trip here in Alanya or in Silifke. We will arrange accommodation and transfer from the airport, if you decide spontaneous to visit us in Alanya or in Silifke.

After you have found your dream property together with us, we conclude a legally binding contract. The Turkish Notaries do not have the same function as in other European countries. The actual transfer of ownership takes place only in the Land Registry (Tapuoffice). Of course it is possible that we also do a notarized agreement, which certifies the intention of purchase of the property of both parties.

Important points that must be included in the purchase contract are the terms of payment. For off-plan projects the payment will be in steps according to the construction stages. For a finished or pre-owned property we agree a deposit that has to be paid with signing the contract. The rest of the purchase price has to be paid with the transfer of the Tapu to your name.

After signing the purchase contract, we will go with you to get the necessary Turkish tax number and we will open a bank account for you. We take care of the entire bureaucratic process for the Tapu transfer. After the application for the Tapu we have to wait for the approval of the military administration of Izmir. This will take approximately 6-12 weeks. This authority is proving if you have purchased a property located in a restricted military zone. Since we have checked all of our properties from the beginning, this is routine.

Once the permission is granted, we will notify you. With a notarized power of attorney given by you, we can already transfer the Tapu into your name immediately. Of course you can also come to us to be personally witness of the procedure. Then there will be also a sworn interpreter for you and translate and explain everything for you.

The following documents are required for the Tapuwork:

* Copy of your passport
* Current Address in your country
* Name of your father and mother
* Turkish tax number
* 2 passport photos